Origin of Adaptogens – Part 3

Green andrographis herb

Following WWII and into the tensions of the Cold War, Russian leaders became increasingly interested in affirming their status as world power.  Intent to produce world-leading representatives of Russian culture and might, Russia invested massive resources to improve the performance of Russian athletes, soldiers, artists, and intellectuals.  Continue reading

Origin of Adaptogens

Rhodiola Red Flower

Many of today’s most revered remedies and holistic ideologies began in ancient Ayurvedic customs.  Thousands of years after ancient Indians discovered the importance of holistic well-being, Western culture is just beginning to understand the power of natural remedies, holistic treatments, and adaptogens. Continue reading

History of Herbs

Rhodiola Red Flower

Long before pharmacies popped up on every street corner to sell overpriced junk food and terrible children’s toys, scientists and physicians have toiled in the natural world to discover new remedies and methods of healing.  Through millennia, pharmacology relied upon trial and error, or entirely accidental discovery of natural medicines.  Though considered primitive, the methodology of the ancients is not unlike our modern approaches.  Even the “primitive” medicines of the ancients are beginning to be understood and appreciated for their efficacy. Continue reading

Dance Your Flu Away

The CDC continues to report strong numbers of flu outbreaks, especially in the Northeast.  Fortunately, thousands of companies are still dispensing a simple method of prevention.  Spewed through the atmosphere on electromagnetic radiation, this pseudo-flu-serum flows through every brain and body tissue – completely unnoticeable and ineffectual.  Until you turn the dial on the radio. Continue reading

The Legend of Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Cloud

Long ago, in Ancient Rome, our traditions of Valentine’s Day began with the celebration of the Goddess of women and marriage, Juno.  Each year, on the 14th of February, the names of unwed Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars.  Roman boys, who had virtually no contact with girls during their daily lives, would draw a name and spend the day with whomever he chose from the jar.  Lucky pairings would often last up to a year and even lead to marriage. Continue reading

Common Sense for Cold & Flu Season


Coughing, sneezing, aching, and that strong desire to curl up in a ball and sleep all day. Whether you’ve got a cold or the flu, being sick can totally disrupt your life and leave you miserable. According to the CDC, American businesses lose about $7 billion each year just to the flu, and much more to colds and other flu-like illnesses. Busy people trying to avoid falling victim to these bugs have a fighting chance, as long as they follow some common sense advice. In this, the old rules might be the best ones to follow. Continue reading